Wheel and Tire


Basic Maintenance Services

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Diagnostic and Repair Services

-Oil and Filter Change​​

-Brake Inspection and Adjustment

-Brake Fluid Flush

​-Transmission Fluid & Filter Change

-Transmission Fluid Flush

-Coolant Service or Flush

-Differential Drain and Fill

-Cabin and Air Filter Replacement

-Battery Testing and Replacement

-Air Conditioning Recharge

-Used Car Inspection

-Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Lights

-ABS and SRS Lights

-VSC / 4WD / Traction Lights

-Complete Engine and Drivetrain Diagnostics

-Identifying Noises, Vibrations, and Shaking.

-Fluid Leaks

-Electrical Issues

-Starting / Stalling

-Reduced Power and Driveability Issues

-Shifting Issues

-A/C and Heater Problems

​-And so much more!

-Tire Rotation

-Tire Repair / Patching

-Tire Balance

-New Tire or Wheel Installation

-Four Wheel Alignment